Smoky Mountain

   Elementary School

135 S. Hwy 32
Cosby, TN 37722
C: (423)487-2255
F: (423) 487-5382

           Joe Burchette
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Home of the Smoky Bears

Mrs. Loftus Pre-K
Ms. Ford Kindergarden
Mrs. Hodges 1st
Ms. Workman 2nd
Mrs. Laws 2 / 3
Mr. Fine 3rd
Mr. Williams 4th
Ms. Hurst 5th
Mr. Jenkins 6th
Mr. Kelley 7th
Mr. Holt 8th

Our Shared Mission,
Belief and Vision

 Our Mission:
    The mission of Smoky Mountain Elementary School is to prepare students to meet local, state and national standards through varied types of research based instruction and assessment, enabling them to be successful as they continue their education.

  Our Shared Beliefs: 

  • School polices focus on the achievement and advancement of learning

  • The community, school, student, and parent partnership holds high expectations for all students and is committed to student learning.

  • The key to student learning is collaboration and communication between teacher, student, parent and community.

  • Teachers and staff are committed to applying research -based information and data to make classroom and school wide decisions.

  • Students must be provided with a safe, nurturing, positive and interactive environment to ensure life-long learning.

  • Student learning is the primary focus of all decisions made by teachers, administrators, parents and community.

 Our Vision:
    Through the leadership of a qualified faculty and the collaboration of all stakeholders, students strive to achieve excellence in all educational endeavors.

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