Elementary Dress Code

Dress Code Policy Number 6.310 Approved by the Cocke County School Board 7/14/2016

  • Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.

  • More specific guidelines appropriate for each level of school (elementary or high school) may be developed.

  • Principals, faculty members and students shall be involved in the development of each appropriate set of guidelines.

  • When a student is attired in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school, the principal shall take appropriate action, which may include suspension.  


    1.  Shirts/blouses must not be cut below the normal arm pit (boys and girls) and must not come below the      top of the breast.  All shirts must reach below the top of the pants, shorts, or skirts at all times (no skin      showing at any time).

    2.  Shorts may be worn by both males and females as long as the length is fingertip length.

    3.  The length of skirts and dresses must meet the same guidelines as shorts.

    4.  When leggings are worn, the shirt (or outermost garment) must adhere to the fingertip rule.

    5.  Clothes may not be worn with holes above the knees.

    6.  Appropriate undergarments are to be worn and must not be visible.

    7.  The waist of pants is not to be worn below the hips.

    8.  Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics is not permitted.

    9.  No clothing may have beer, whiskey, tobacco, drug labels or suggestive pictures or language written or      printed on them.

    10. Hats and/or caps are not to be worn during instructional time or at academic functions.

    11. Students will not dress, groom or wear or use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols where the      effect thereof is to distract unreasonably the attention of other students or employees, or otherwise      cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school.

    12. Any accessory that is studded, spiked, contains chains or can tabs or in any way presents a potential      danger or harm to self or others is prohibited.

    13. Tattoos whether permanent or temporary will be covered if possible.

    14. Visible body piercings are limited to the ear only. Eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, belly button, etc.      piercings are not permitted.

    15. Anything in question will be at the discretion of the administrator.