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Parrottsville Elementary School is located in the eastern section of Cocke County Tennessee.  It is one of nine elementary schools within the Cocke County School System.  Parrottsville is located on scenic state Highway 321, approximately ten miles north of Newport, TN.  Parrottsville is the third oldest town in the state.  John Parrott, a Revolutionary War veteran, settled the town in 1769. 

Parrottsville School began in 1940 and served students in grades one through twelve.  Between 1945 and 1965, the Cocke County School System consolidated Baltimore, Basinger, Bruner's Grove, Easterly, Fowler's Grove, Goodwater, Harned's Chapel, Long Creek, Manning's Chapel, Oak Hill, Unity, and Zion Hill to establish Parrottsville Elementary School.  In 1974, J. Lacy Myers, a renowned businessman, donated a parcel of land just outside the city for a new elementary school.  Upon completion in 1975, the "new" school served students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  At this time, Parrottsville High School merged with Cocke County High School.  The elementary school opened with twenty-one full-time teachers and approximately five hundred students.


Renovations to the facility were made in 2002, which included ten new classrooms, a modern computer lab with internet access, a science lab, and the upgrade of pre-existing building facilities.  Extensive landscaping was also completed to enhance the appearance of the campus.  These renovations rendered Parrottsville Elementary School a modern 21st Century educational facility.

Currently, the physical structure of the school consists of twenty-eight classrooms, an administrative office suite, four faculty workrooms, library media center, cafeteria, gymnasium, one Title I room, two Special Educations rooms, three computer labs, a science lab, and a separate music and art structure.

The entire campus consists of approximately twenty-three acres.  A courtyard containing a memorial garden is located outside of the school building.  Memorial trees line the back entrance.  A playground to accommodate all age groups is located at the end of the building, along with a football field and a baseball field.  Adjacent to the campus is a Head Start building which houses one class of approximately 20 4-year olds.