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Policy Components:


 1.        Parrottsville Elementary will ensure that all families are represented in the policy development process by providing attention to cultural, economic, language, and demographic issues that allow for total access by all to the process.

®      School-based action teams will consistently ensure varied and diverse involvement (exs. School Improvement Committee, parent volunteers, fall carnival, Terrific Kid Program, Grandparentís Day, Veteranís Day Program, Kindergarten Luau, 8th Grade Graduation Program)

®      Representatives of all families will be able to express their ideas and        concerns by responding to surveys, commenting on the Web page, responding to comment box (located in lobby), and coming in for a conference with teachers and/or administrators.


 2.     Parrottsville Elementary will provide necessary support to ensure understanding and implementation of Federal, State, and local standards for family engagement.

®      Parrottsville Elementary will measure family engagement by:

o       WEB Site Counter

o       WEB Site Comments sent to administrators

o       Title I meetings with administrators and teachers available for comments and concerns

o       Positive Parent Communication calls, notes, visits

o       Daily Planners used by grade level teachers with comment sections available

3.         Parrottsville Elementary supports clear articulated goals for the extent and type of family engagement.

®      All documented information is reviewed by administrators and shared with faculty, staff, and parents at various meetings. Programs currently working are Title I meetings, Student Planners, Fall Carnival, Beta Club Family Nights, Open House. Other programs will be tried and evaluated.

 4.         Parrottsville Elementary will conduct the necessary evaluation to promote continuous improvement of the engagement of all families.

®      The school will conduct an annual assessment of the family engagement policy.

®      The relationship of the academic achievement of students and the           involvement of their families will be assessed and reviewed annually.


 5.         Parrottsville Elementary will provide procedures for parents to access and understand course of study or curricular materials as well as Federal, State and local standards.

®      Parents will be provided specific training to ensure their understanding of topics such as State Curriculum Frameworks, State Performance Indicators, achievement standards, assessment procedures, and other topics that build the capacity for families to understand and be meaningfully involved in their children's academic experiences.

®      Testing information brochures, posters located in the lobby, Core Curriculum information sheets, and Parent Volunteer Board, which is located in the lobby, are a few examples of ways parents will be educated on curriculum standards and parent engagement involvement.

®      Each teacher will do a monthly letter on units of study, explaining how the unit fits into the curriculum and why it is important to the student's education.

6.        Parrottsville Elementary recognizes that parenting skills are of utmost importance to success of school achievement.

®      Professional development will be provided to all staff to build the capacity to create and sustain effective parenting practices.

®      Parenting classes will be offered throughout the school district to assist and support parents in becoming effectively engaged in their children's education.

®      Through effective communication procedures, the Family Resource and ESL personnel will provide services and assistance to parents (exs. newsletter, parent meetings, personal contacts, etc.).





 7.        Parrottsville Elementary incorporates family involvement in decision-making and governance.

®      Through representation on committees such as the School Improvement Committee, all families will have meaningful involvement in school governance and decision making.

®      The school will acquire community input on pending policies, practices, and decisions which affect students and families.   

8.       Parrottsville Elementary will allocate funds to the effective development, implementation, and measurement of school based family engagement programs.

®      We are given a specified amount of funds (Title I), which are earmarked monies for family engagement programs.

®      Through annual reports, the school will ensure that Title I funds are spent in accordance with program assurances.

9.       Parrottsville Elementary endorses and will work to involve all family groups in family engagement activities to be offered at the district and school levels.

®      School meetings and activities will be scheduled so that they will be more accessible to parents.

®      The school will work on helping to arrange transportation for families or family members who notify the system or school prior to the meeting that they are unable to attend the meeting due to a need for transportation.

®      The school will use a program format that is easy for everyone to understand.

®      The school when informed of a need for an interpreter will provide interpreters at meetings who will act as interpreters for those parents who do not speak English.