TO: Parents With Children Who Attend Schools in Cocke County

FROM: School Principals and Ginger Atkins, Instructional Supervisor and Title I Director

DATE: August 1, 2013

SUBJECT: Tennessee Comprehensive System-wide Planning Process (TCSPP)

The Cocke County School System is required by the State Department of Education to develop a system wide performance plan for each school year to address strengths and weaknesses in student performance for our system. The purpose of the plan is to involve all community educational stakeholders/total team members (director of schools, school administrators, teachers, educational assistants, guidance counselors, central office supervisors, community leaders, business leaders, parents, family members etc.) in the process of developing an educational plan at the system level to address student performance across the system. The goal of the Tennessee Comprehensive System-wide Planning Process (TCSPP) is to develop a plan that will recognize current student performance levels and help them to improve these levels each year.

The Cocke County School System recognizes that all community stakeholder input is necessary and important if students are going to improve their educational performance in all academic areas.  The Cocke County School System educators and stakeholders believe that with the support of the community our students can meet and exceed all performance goals.  If you have suggestions and strategies pertaining to how student performance goals can be increased, please make your suggestions and strategies known to Ginger Atkins by calling 423-623-7821.

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