Centerview's Rules and Policies

 Admission Requirements

A child must be five (5) years of age by September 30, of the current school year to enter kindergarten.

                The following information is required for initial kindergarten enrollment:

                        Birth Certificate - Birth certificate request forms are available at the health department.

                        Tennessee Certificate of Immunization - The immunization certificate must be signed and dated
                                                                                              by a health care professional. *No other record of
                                                                                              immunization will be accepted.

Students transferring from an out - of - state school must present a Tennessee Certificate of Immunization before enrolling.


The Adopt-A-School Program is designed to create a family consisting of an Adopter (business or civic organization) and an Adoptee (selected school).

The purpose of this program is to foster a better understanding in hte community of our public school system and create a spirit and concern for our schools.  The ultimate goal of this program is to encourage better and greater community - wide interest in our schools in order to ensure the public educational and economic future of our county and to make our school and school system one of which every citizen of Cocke County can be proud.

Alternative Learning Center

The Cocke County Schools Alternative Learning Center is  a short term invervention program designed to develop academic and behavioral skills of students in grades seven through twelve who are unable to accept their responsibilities of school citizenship, do not fit in traditional school roles, or who are unable to succeed from the efforts made on their behalf in school.

Unacceptable student behaviors that may result in suspension or expulsion are possible cases to be handled by the A.L.C.


Announcements are made at the beginning and ending of each school day.  If any parent or organization has an announcement, they should call the school or send a note to the school secretary.  Parents, please, remember to have all "car rider" and "bus rider" information called in by 2:45 each day.  Please leave this information with the secretaries and not on teacher voice mail.


Students shall come to the gym with their teachers (by homeroom) in a single file.

Students shall be orderly.

Immediate attention and courtesy shall be shown to whoever is speaking and/or performing.

Students shall sit in assigned sections until their teacher escorts them back to their classrooms.


Centerview Elementary School sponsors both boys and girls varsity basketball teams and girls varsity volleyball.

Students may begin participating in the varisty basketball program when they reach the fifth grade.  The regular season runs from October to February.  However, spring and summer practices are permitted, but are not required and cannot be held against a player if the player does not attend the sessions.  The reason for his or her decision not to attend spring or summer practices are of no consequence and the child's status on the team will not be compromised.

Girls who have reached the sixth grade may participate on the volleyball team.  Volleyball's regular season is August and September.

Failure to keep "academic and attendance standards" will result in loss of privilege to participate in the sports.

Students who receive more than one "F" at the end of the grading period may not participate in any athletic practices, scrimmages, or games - or be with the team during any games or trips during the entire successive grading period.

Students who have been retained in their present grade are ineligible for play until they successfully reach the next grade level.

No student may participate in elementary school athletics if he/she reaches age fifteen (15) on or before October 1st of the current school year.

No student who is absent from school can practice or play in a game the day that he/she was absent from school.  Also, if a student misses school the day after a ballgame, he/she will need to have a doctor's excuse in order to be eligible to play in the next game.


School hours are from 8:30 - 3:00.

**However, if your child needs to eat breakfast at school, you must have them here by 8:15 A.M. so that they will have time to eat and report to their homeroom by 8:30 A.M. so as to not receive a tardy.

Parents should see that their children are on time every day.  Since school starts at 8:30 it is recommended that students arrive by 8:15 in order to prepare for the day and especially for their first class which begins promptly at 8:30 A.M.


Any time a student leaves early or comes in late, the sign in/out sheet in the office must be completely filled out by the adult picking the child up early or bringing the child in late.  Students will not be counted present if they are not signed in and/or out by an adult.

Excused/Unexcused Absences

A student who is absent must present to his or her teacher (a) a note from a parent explaining the absence or (b) a doctor, dentist, court, or death in the family (obituary, or funeral announcement) excuse.  The office staff will determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused.

Any school time missed will be counted against the student.  A student with unexcused missed class time may not be allowed to make up any missed work (including quizzes and tests). A "0" may be recorded for missed work and/or assignments.  Missed class time includes being absent, tardy, and leaving early.


If a student has more than a combination of more than 5 unexcused tardies and leave earlies, or more than 5 unexcused absences, his/her name will be turned over to the Attendance Supervisor who will contact the parent.  If necessary, the officer will summon the parent and child to appear before the Truancy Review Board or Juvenile Court.

Awards and Recognitions

Honor Roll

Students in grades one through eight will be eligible for the "A" Honor Roll if they receive all A's for the six weeks.  These students can also be eligible for the "A/B" Honor Roll if they receive a combination of A's and B's on their grade card for the six weeks.  Our end-of-the-year awards ceremonies will award 3.5 and higher grade point averages with High Honors and 3.0 to 3.5 grade point averages with Honor Roll.

Perfect Attendance

The names of the students with perfect attendance at the end of the school year will be entered into a special drawing for gifts and prizes donated by community businesses.  They will also receive a medallion at the end of the year award ceremony and have their picture published in the Newport Plain Talk.  Perfect attendance means that a student has received no absences, tardies, or leave earlies.

Presidential Physical Fitness Award and National Physical Fitness Award

Young people ages 6-17 can strive for either of these two awards as part of the President's challenge.  The PPFA recognizes outstanding levels of physical fitness and NPFA recognizes the achievement of a basic, yet challenging, level of physical fitness.

Accelerated Reader Awards

Our accelerated reader program is a practice component of our reading curriculum.  (Many teachers do use this component as part of the six week's grade).  This program is rewarded in several different ways.  Some teachers give awards in the classroom.  There is also school wide recognition with each six weeks where students earn prizes from the acclerated reader store.  Awards are also given to oustanding AR readers at the school wide end of the year award ceremony.  AR even tracks their accomplishments from grades K-8 based on the points they receive throughout the years.  There is an AR awards hall located above the computer lab in the library that displays students names for reading 100 - 1000 point clubs.  Please visit when you get the chance.

End of the Year Awards Ceremony and Graduation

During the last week of school, we have two academic award ceremonies and graduations.  First we have K-4 Awards ceremony capped off by Kindergarten Graduation.  Secondly, we have 5th-8th grade award ceremony capped off by 8th grade graduation.  These ceremonies include the presentation of individual awards for students who have reached academic and other goals.  Some of these goals include:  High Honors (3.5-4.0 GPA), Honors (3.0-3.5 GPA), perfect attendance, President's Academic Excellence Award, President's Academic Achievement Award, Perfect Attendance, Accelerated Reader Awards, Honor's Club, sports recognition, county academic accomplishments, Valedictorian and Salutatorian Awards, and more.  These awards ceremonies are usually on two different days sometime during the last week of school.

Bus Duty / Breakfast Duty

Students shall go to the gym after getting off the bus (or out of a vehicle) in the morning.

Each student shall sit in the assigned bus section and on the proper row for morning bus duty.

Students shall line up in a single file when their grade or class is called.

Students shall remain in the single file while walking from the gym to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Students shall not take, ask for, sell, or trade any food items.

After finishing breakfast, students shall clean up any messes and return directly to the seat that they ate breakfast.  Students 2-6 will be called to line up to return to the gym after they have finished eating breakfast.  These students should return to their proper bus section.

Students are dismissed from morning bus duty when their teacher comes to the gym or cafeteria to retrieve his or her class.

Students cannot go to the restrooms without receiving permission from the bus duty teachers.

In the afternoons, all students are to be seated in their homerooms by 3:05.  Students are to remain seated until called to their bus by the teacher in charge.

Students shall follow the directions and honor all requests made by the teacher on duty.

Parents picking up their children later than 3:05 need to come to the office to have them called from their homerooms.  Children not picked up by 3:05 should report back to their homerooms immediately.

Teachers are off duty at 3:30 each day.  All children should be picked up by 3:18.

Bus Duty and Parking

Morning Bus Duty

Will be held in the gymnasium

Car riders should be dropped off at the gym entrance no earlier than 7:25 A.M.  The doors will not be unlocked before 7:25 A.M.  Parents and guardians may use the bus lane if the buses are not blocking the drop-off point.  However, cars should never park in the bus lane.  It is labeled "No Parking" and only buses should park in the labeled areas.  If the buses are parked in the lane at the time you bring your child to school, drop your child off at drop-off point #2 and have them walk beween the cement barrier and the school toward the gym.

Afternoon Bus Duty

Car riders will exit at 3:00 from the school's main entrance.  Please park in any designated parking space while you wait for school's dismissal.  You could receive a parking ticket for blocking passage ways.

All students not picked up in a timely manner should return to their homerooms by 3:05 P.M.  After 3:05 P.M., the person picking up the student will need to enter the school and inform the office personnel which students that they are picking up.  The office personnel will then page the student and inform them that you are here.  At that time, the students will be dismissed from their homeroom.


The times for lunch will be determine by class schedule.  Lunch includes choices of meats, vegetables, fruits, plus bread and milk.

Students may bring lunch from home.  They are not permitted to leave the school for lunch or have their lunch catered.  Beverages (water, juice, milk) should be brought in a thermos or throwaway container.  Carbonated beverages and beverages in cans or glass bottles are not allowed during lunch.  Glass bottles or cans are not allowed at anytime during the school day.

No food items shall be taken from the cafeteria.

2005-2006 Food Pricing

Breakfast (7:40 A.M. - 8:15 A.M.)
                Regular Price/Student        $1.00
                Reduced Price/Student          .30
                Teacher                                $2.00
                Visitor                                   $3.00

                Regular Price/Student       $1.50
                Reduced Price/Student         .40
                Teacher                               $3.00
                Visitor                                  $5.00

Communicalbe Diseases/Infestations

Students who are sick and whose attendance in school would endanger their health, or the health of others, should see a doctor and receive an excuse for attendance.

Head lice is an easily treated condition that is generally not associated with any serious medical complications.  Many parents have the impression that only persons who are unclean become infested with lice.  This is not true.  Frequent bathing will neither prevent head lice nor eliminate an infestation once it has become established.  If you find head lice on your child, or the school alerts you to such, you MUST keep your child at home until he/she has been treated with a special medicated shampoo.  Your child may return to school the morning after being treated.  However, chronic problems may require that your child not return until he or she has a statement from a doctor or the health department before they can return.  These will be unexcused absences.


Parent - Teacher conferences are scheduled after school hours twice per year - once in the fall and once in the spring.  If your feel additional conferences are necessary, please make arrangements to meet with your child's teacher at a mutually agreeable time after regular school hours.  In order to avoid disruptions, please contact teachers through their voice mail or via  a written note and allow them to contact you at their convenience.

Corporal Punishment

The following points shall govern the administration of corporal punishment in the Cocke County School System:

The type of corporal punishment that may be administed shall be limited to spanking or paddling the             student, and such discipline shall be administered only in accordance with these guidelines.

Corporal punishment shall be administered after other forms of disciplinary actions have failed to produce the desired results.

The school principal, assistant principal, or teacher may administer corporal punishment.

The instrument used in administering corporal punishment shall be approved by the Board of Education.

Corporal punishment shall be administered in the presence of another professional employee of the Board of Education and shall take place in such an area out of the view of other students and/or parents.


Students are expected to participate in all classroom activities and to exhibit behavior that does not detract from other students' learning opportunities.  Acceptable behavior is essential to an effective school program.  It is the responsibility of all students to cooperate with the teachers, staff and other school personnel to help maintain good order within the school.  Teachers and administrators are authorized to take just and reasonable measures to establish effective school discipline and to develop in the students a self-disciplined, self-directed, emotionally mature behavior.

The authority to control pupil conduct shall extend to all activities of this school, including games, public performances, trips, or any other school events, regardless of the venue.

Consequences of improper behavior may include, but not limited to, isolation from other students, not participating in special activities, corporal punishment, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, alternative school, and juvenile court.

Dress Code

In addition, Centerview will enforce #20 of the High School Dress Code if the issue addressed in the rule is lending to the possible harassment of other students or disruption to the learning process.  Also, any clothing or material that promotes questionable or inappropriate advertisements are not permitted on campus.

End of Year Requirements

All debts to the school must be cleared before a student will be allowed to attend school functions during the current year or subsequent years.  This includes, but is not limited to, lost or damaged textbooks, vandalism, money owed to the cafeteria, classroom, or office, etc.

Field Trips

Opportunities for educational field trips will be provided for all grades providing approval from the Board of Education.

Students whose behavior has been uncooperative or unpredictable may be required to stay at school on field trip days.  A student not allowed to go on a trip and who does not come to school will be treated as having an unexcused absence.  Parents requested by teachers to accompany the class as chaperones will not be allowed to ride the bus with students.


Grade cards are distributed every six weeks.  Letter grades of A, B, C, D, F, S, and U reflect the child's performance of grade level requirements.  If there are any questions about your child's grade card, please, contact his/her teacher.

The section of the grade card on Attitudes and Conduct is very important.  The development of good work habits and attitudes tend to ensure effective learning of necessary skills.

Mid - term progress reports will be issued at approximately 3 weeks into each 6 weeks's grade period.  It is the schools' desire to inform parents or guardians of a student's progress in time for the student to improve his/her work before the next grade card is prepared.  The mid - term progress report is to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the teacher.

The grading scale is:

            94-100     = A
            87-93       = B
            78-86       = C
            70-77       = D
            Below 70 = F


Students will be assigned homework as a means of encouraging independent study, establishing good work habits,and reinforcing basic subject skills.  Not all homework assignments are to be written, but could be in the form of study or review for a test or research for project or reports.

Parents should be aware of the purpose of homework and encourage and support the school in timely completion of all assignments.

Immunization Requirements

The following immunizations are required before a student may enter school in Tennessee:

DTP-DtaP-DT-Td        4 or more doses, one of which was given on or after the fourth birthday.  If age seven or
                                       older, 3 doses required.

Polio                             4 doses.  If the 3rd dose was given on or after the fourth birthday, the 4th dose is not
                                      required.  However, if a combination of IPV/OPV (2IPV/2OPV) is used, all 4 doses are
                                      needed regardless of age.

MMR                           2 doses, given on or after the first birthday required, for entrance into grades K, 4, 8, and
                                    12.  The 2nd dose should be administered at least thirty days following the first dose.  By
                                    the year 2001, all students attending schools will be required to have 2 doses.

Hepatitis B                 3 doses, for entrance into kindergarten (effective July 1, 1999)
                                    3 doses, for entrance into 7th grade (effective July 1, 2000)

Lost and Found

Clothing and personal belongings should be labeled with the child's name.  Found articles are turned in to the office or the book store.  Unlabeled or unclaimed property is turned over to a local, charitable agency at the end of each school year.


If a child needs to take medications at school, please follow these guidelines:

        Medications must be brought in the original container.
        The container must be given to the teacher for safekeeping and dispensing.
        Written directions or instructions about the dispensing of the medication must accompany the
        Please include the last time you administered the medication.

Parent Activities

You are the first teacher your child ever had and will be their most influential teacher.  It is a tremendous responsibility, but as a team working together we will be successful.  Please volunteer your time to help your child's school.  Man power will always be our greatest need.  Please watch volunteer training days or inquire at the school office for volunteer opportunities.

We encourae you to come to the school and meet with your child's teacher after 3:00 to discuss any problems or concerns concerning your child's academic or social progess.  However, please call the school and make an appointment to meet with his/her teacher as they are not available at 3:00 every day.

Support the students and activities offered at school.  Encourage your child to participate.  Be an active, positive influence in your child's education and his or her school community.

Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization is to encourage community involvment in this school.  Meetings are held periodically (usually the 2nd Monday or Tuesday of each month - Watch for dates on memos and newsletters) to analyze, plan, and carry out activities to assist in the physical, mental, and social education of our students.

Written Penalities (Due to Misbehavior)

1st day late with penalty = doubled and due next day; 2nd day late = tripled and placed in ISS; 3rd day late = parent called, another day of ISS/or corporal punishment.  Chronic ISS appearances due to late penalities will result in corporal punishment or OSS.  OSS days can be reported to Truancy.


Students will not be allowed to leave school by any other means other than by the method, regularly used by the student.  If your child is to ride a different bus, get off the bus at a different place, or go home with another student, a signed note of permission must be taken to the child's homeroom teacher to be initialed and dated.  This note is to be given to the bus driver upon entering the bus in the afternoon.

County School Bus Transportation

Students who ride buses are under school rules and regulations from the time they gather at their bus stop until they disperse from their bus stop in the afternoon.

In the opinion of the bus driver and the principal, any student, whose conduct is creating a hazard to the health and/or safety of the others on the bus, shall be temporarily suspended from riding the bus.  If violations continue, the student may be prohibited from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.  Transportation on the school  bus is a privilege - not a right given to students of the Cocke County School System.

Parking/School Traffic

Please enter only through the entrance side of the parking lot and exit only from the exit side of the parking lot.  There have been cars exiting the entrance side and there have been accidents.

Please do not park in the circle around the flag pole except where there are marked parking places.  Blocking this circle can cause accidents on the highway when the cars can no longer turn into the parking lot.

Also, please do not park in the bus lanes.

Authorizing Others to Pick Up Your  Child

Parents and guardians are required to complete a pick up form listing those persons authorized to pick up their child from school.  If you send someone to pick up your child who has not been identified on your list, please send a signed note giving your permission and a phone number where you can be reached for confirmation.

Radios, tape players, electronic games, and other toys should be left at home.  These items will be taken from the student and kept in the office.  Parents can pick up the first item taken up from their child.  However, any subsequent items taken up will be held until the end of the current semester.


Parents have the opportunity to purchase school pictures twice a year (fall/spring).  It is usually the fall pictures that are printed in the yearbook.  There is usually a make-uip day for at least the fall pictures.


The yearbook will be sold in the spring, but deposits are made beginning in the fall.  It contains pictures of students, staff, and activities during the year.


Students will normally progress anually in sequential order from grade to grade.  the school staff is expected to place students at the grade level best suited to them academically, socially, and emotionally.  The school has final say on grade placement but will consider parent requests.

Retentions may be made when, in the judgment of the teacher(s) and administration, such retention is necessary and in the best interest of the student.

School Security Act

Students and their possessions are subject to searches on reasonable suspicions of drugs, weapons, etc., of illegal nature.  School property such as desks, lockers, etc., are also subject to search.  All vehicles brought on campus may be subject to search.  Searches may be conducted by physical means, metal detectors, and/or by drug-sniffing animals.  School Security Act TCA 49-6-4201 through 49-6-4401 will be used as a reference.

Student Information

In the event that we must contact you during the school day, it is very important that we have current home and work telephone numbers.  It is also necessary for you to provide the name and phone number of someone else we can contact if you cannot be reached (please get their permission).  Please place this necessary information on the Student Information mSheet that you are asked to fill out at the beginning of each school year.  Please given as many phone numbers as you possibly can to reach you in the event of an emergency.

If you move, change jobs, or have your telephone number changed please contact the school office immediately so we can make the necessary corrections on your child's records.

Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over eighteen years of age certain rights with respect to the student's educational records.  They are:
        The right to inspect and review the student's educational record within forty-five days of the day the school receives a written request for access;
        The right to request the amendment of the student's education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading;
        The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes without consent; and
        The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the school system to comply with the requirements of FERPA.

The school district may disclose certain information, known as directory information, in its discretion without consent.  Parents or eligible students may refuse to let the school or district release any or all of this information.

The following information regarding students is considered directory information: name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student, and other similar information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy is disclosed, such as a photograph.

Non-custodial and nonresident parents may request in writing a copy of any records customarily available to parents. [TCA 49-6-902]

Student Behavior and Responsibilities

The educational purpose of the school is accomplished best in a climate of student behavior which is socially acceptable and conducive to the learning and teaching process.  Student behavior which disrupts this process or which infringes on the rights of other individuals will not be tolerated.

Therefore, the student has the responsibility to:
    Attend all classes on time.
    Prepare for class with assigned work and appropriate materials.
    Account for his/her own work.
    Be neat, clean, and well-groomed.
    Conduct himself/herself in a safe and responsible manner.
    Show respect for all individuals and property.
    Seek help from school personnel when having school or personal problems.
    Follow the rules and regulations established by the Board of Education, the school, and the teacher.


The homeroom teacher will inform the students of the supplies needed for the school year.  An attempt is made to place supply lists for each class at local businesses (i.e. Wal-Mart) in the month of July.  These stores usually have these on display or will provide you with a copy.  Each student needs to be prepared for every class every day, not only with completed assignments, but also with materials needed to actively participate.

Telephone Usage

The school telephone is for business and emergency calls only.  Necessary plans should be made with your child before leaving home in the morning.  Students will not be called to the office to receive telephone calls.  If a student needs information from a parent or guardian, the office staff will take a message from the caller and deliver it to the student at an appropriate time.

Students must have their homeroom teacher's permission to use the telephone and will make all calls in the presence of their teacher or other school employees as  designated by the homeroom teacher.  During special circumstances other staff may give permission for the students to make phone calls.


For one week each April, students will be administered a normed test using the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) test called TerraNova.  This test is designed to evaluate competency in a variety of academic skills appropriate for their grade level.  Each year a pamphlet is given out to each student a few weeks before the achievement test to provide information that will help you to help your child prepare for the test.  Please read and follow the pamphlet carefully to help ensure your child success on the achievement test.


Textbooks are provided at no charge to the student and are the property of the Cocke County Board of Education.  If textbooks are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond reasonable use, parents or guardians will be charged the full replacement price.


If a student transfers to another school, all library books, textbooks, classroom, or school materials must be turned in before a transfer may be granted.  All debts to the school must also be paid.

Any student transferring from another school within the Cocke County School System or the Newport City School System must bring transfer papers (hard copy of personal data and attendance record) from the previous school.  (No transfers will be granted after having once registered in a given school unless the student has physically changed residences and is living in the new school zone unless approved by the Cocke County Board of Education.)


By state and federal laws and to prevent disruptions and maintain order, all visitors and guests of the school must report to the office upon entering the school.  If it is necessary to go to another room in the building, a badge will be signed out for the guest to wear while in the building.  Please return to the office after visiting the areas requested and return the visitor badge.  The office staff will take items to a child when needed.

Weather  Related Dismissals and Closings

If you have any questions as to whether or not school will be dismissed early due to inclement weather, please listen to the two local radio stations - WLIK and WNPC.  The Director of Schools will call these stations as soon as the decision is made to dismiss early.  Please do not call the Central Office or the school for this information due to the high volume of calls this will create and the need to keep the phone lines open.

Also, all area radio and television stations will be notified if school has been cancelled or is being operated on a snow schedule (1 hour late).  Please tune into the area media broadcasts for that information which will be known before the bus drivers are to begin their routes.

In the event that school closes early unexpectedly due to inclement weather or other reasons, please, make sure that you have filled out the "Early Dismissal Form Procedure" for your child.  It is also might be helpful to discuss this with your child's teacher especially if the plan is somewhat complicated.

Writing Assessment

The Writing Assessment is a component of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program.  It is a performance based test developed to assess students' written communication.

The primary purpose of the writing assessment is to determine how well students are able to write to a specific prompt with grades 4, 7, and 11 serving benchmarks.

Each student is given a writing prompt (topic) and asked to respond in essay form.  No reference materials of any type are allowed.  Students in grade 5 will write a narrative essay.  They are to produce a connected, sequential discussion of events.  A successful narration transmits a vivid experience of time passing, of things happening one after another.  It begins and ends at specific points in time, without gaps or discontinuities.  The reader is able to relive, from beginning to end, the experience recounted by the writer.  Students in grade 8 will produce an expository essay.  Their writing will be to explain, define, or inform.  Writing to inform asks writers to compare and contrast.  The subject of the piece is first analyzed, and then a second look is taken to see exactly what it is or is not.  Expository writing often explains or describes a process in chronological order.  Students in grade 11 will write a persuasive essay.

Essays are scored on a  6 point focused holistic scale.  It focuses on writing effectiveness, vocabulary, and language mechanics.   A proficient essay addresses the topic, maintains control, shows organizatioin, and offers clear details while demonstrating a good knowledge of the English language.



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